About Me

Being a Presbyterian Minister, I’m extremely fond of interacting with people for the greater good. Be it spreading the message of love, kindness and humility, or talking about Jesus, or emphasizing the need for spirituality in the present modern age of excessive consumption, but scant regard for the joy that is life, I’m happy to share my views on various aspects of Presbyterianism , Theosophy, Spiritualism and so much more.

Instead of making this a one-way process, I’d like to solicit your opinions and thoughts. Even if you are not a Presbyterian, I wholeheartedly invite you to share your views and thoughts. Every point of view is welcome, after all we are children of the same God; even if our journeys are different, and we have our own individual experiences that shape our thoughts and beliefs, the destination remains the same- the universal abode of love, peace and good. Amen!

Sometimes, I turn into a little child and start using and abusing my kids karaoke machine for fun; I’m stupid like that.