Get the Most Out of Guest Blogging

Blogging is fun. Especially when you’re blogging about your interests. How about spreading the love and blog on your friends’ blogs? Or maybe invite a friend to blog for you! But why?

  • Comes with benefits. Most people aren’t willing to blog for nothing. They usually are offered a service or product or maybe even money!
  • More exposure. Opened up a new blog and need more exposure? Guest blogging is a good way to let people know that there is a new blogger in the community.
  • More friends. You have friends from your blog, and you have friends on your friends blog (where you guest blog). Isn’t that double the friends?
  • Wider audience. Besides blogging for your blog, you’re also guest blogging, so your audience is twice the usual size!
  • Gain experience. Experience is priceless… where else can you get an established blog with an audience who’s willing to read?

Hiring a guest blogger comes with many benefits, too, including:

  • More opinion, different viewpoints. Surely, not everyone who reads your blog is objected to your opinion, but it’s nice to have different viewpoints once in a while to get their minds working on which side they want.
  • More topics. Not a good accountant? No worries! Just hire an accountant blogger to guest blog for you! It gives your audience a wider range of topics to read about.
  • A break. Everyone needs a break once in a while for something different.
  • Less work. Relax! Have fun! Do something else for a change!
  • New friend. Or improved relationship.

When choosing guest bloggers…

  • See their previous work. Can’t risk having poor content! Even if they don’t offer it, remember to ask!
  • Get to know them a little first. You should know the blogger at least a little, if you’re going to trust them to take your blog in their hands, even for one post.
  • Have an idea of what they’re planning to write. Ask them about what they’re planning to write if they’re chosen. This way, you know for sure you get what you choose. (Or see next point.)
  • Have them submit and article beforehand. This way can be a little hard, and can cause disputes if you don’t have a regular amount of readers; remember to state that once submitted, you have the right to use or not use the article, all rights given (or something similar).

Lastly, getting the word out to the world that you need guest bloggers may sound hard, but here are just a few tips.

  • Announce it. You have a blog, so where else can you get free advertising?
  • Tell your friends. Offline friends, online friends, friends’ friends. Tell anyone and everyone!
  • Forum posting. Make a new topic on a forum announcing your news. Put it in your signature. Send it to everyone in your friends list. If you aren’t in a forum, search “Blogging Forum” on any search engine and they will come up.
  • Visit others. Maybe if you offer to blog for your friend, they will do the same?
  • Create a “Write for Us” page. This page should include the contact form, email, any terms and conditions you have, any benefits, extra information, etc.
  • Do it on a special occasion. Sometimes, when there is a reason, people are more likely to volunteer, e.g. your birthday, because they will more likely be thinking they are doing you a favour in honour of the occasion.

Has anyone had any special guest blogging incidents? Please share!

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