Interview with Jane Dorset – Slow Cooking Your Way To Fitness

Jane Dorset, one of the most renown fitness experts in Australia has joined us once again to talk to you all about becoming fitter and healthier through making some changes in your day-to-day lives. As a fitness expert and coach, Jane has successfully helped thousands of clients to achieve their desired weight loss goals through nothing but healthy eating and regular exercise. She is completely against weight loss pills and “lose weight immediately” programs which have high claims, but simply do not work. She believes that through eating a healthy and nutritious daily diet, you’re able to lose weight naturally and reap the many benefits. Today, she is talking about Slow Cookers and how they can help you to get fitter and lose weight – just by choosing to use your Slow Cooker. For more information on Jane’s site, be sure to check out:

Q: Hi Jane. What are the biggest benefits of using a Slow Cooker?

A: First of all, you’ll be making sure that your food is slowly cooked to perfection. You’ll be able to eat lean meats such as Chicken, Pork and Beef, and enjoy a wholesome meal that is extremely filling. Throw in some veg and you’ve got a meal that will leave you full up for hours – meaning you’re less likely to binge eat. Not to mention, you’re able to cook your food while at work or out doing things – so there’s no reason why everybody can’t get a Slow Cooker and start cooking. It’s not like you have to watch it constantly or anything.

Q: Interesting. How often do you use your Slow Cooker?

A: I currently use my Slow Cooker about 4-5 times a week. When I use it, I use it to cook big portions of meat for the whole family. The kids love the chicken, I love the chicken and so does my husband. There is simply too much flavor emitted from it all.

Q: Great stuff. What Slow Cooker’s do you recommend to beginners?

A: I have two Slow Cooker’s that I personally recommend and vouch for. Firstly, for those of you who want to take weight loss seriously, you’ll need to invest in a great Slow Cooker that’s going to last. Read through my Cuisinart MSC-600 Slow Cooker Review and see if it matches up to what you want. If it’s too pricey or has too many gadgets and features, then consider a most cost-effective Slow Cooker such as the Hamilton Beach 33967. The Hamilton Beach is great and is available for less than $50 – a real bargain.

Q: Thanks for your time again Jane. Really appreciate it! Hopefully we’ll have a Part 4 soon?

A: For sure! Long live healthy cooking through using a Slow Cooker!