The advantages of using an inversion table

An inversion table is actually a table on a pivot. One has to lie on the table and his feet should be strapped securely to the bottom of the inversion table. In inversion therapy, gravity allows your body to be stretched in such a way that is not normal. For the treatment of chronic back pain, increased flexibility, improved blood flow and also headache relief the gravity inversion procedure is used for many years. Those who are suffering from back pain for several years generally use inversion table. There are several reasons of lower back pain like spinal misalignment, bad posture and weak back or stomach muscles. Several reasons of back pain are related with gravitational forces.

Mainly inversion table is used for reducing lower back pain but there are plenty more reasons as well for using it. According to, the benefits of using an inversion table are explained below.

Additional benefits that an inversion table provides:

  • A person who is using an inversion table on regular basis can preserve his height because gravity inversion exercise can minimize the spine shrinkage which is a result of gravity pulling one down.
  • If a person is regularly doing exercises on inversion table, it is possible for him to reduce the effect of gravitational compression on his hips, vertebrae, back, knees and neck.
  • Blood circulation of a person who is using inversion table will definitely improve because blood will circulate in a much faster way without struggling against the gravitational pull. Supply of oxygen towards the body will increase also. As a result, it will speed up the healing process of sore muscles. One can get relief from muscles pains and all kinds of aches. Because of maximum blood circulation near the vertebrae discs, pain towards the lumbar region will decrease because of inversion.
  • Athletes use inversion table to increase their flexibility.
  • More oxygen towards brain is supplied by inversion therapy which improves brain function like focusing and memorizing.

Inversion table is basically recommended as a proactive approach which will prevent many health problems. If you are using inversion table occasionally, you won’t get the result for long term. Using it for regular basis can show the improvements. Inversion therapy is actually preventive method of some medical conditions but if you have serious medical complications, it is recommended not to use it without doctor’s permission.

One thing can be said that using inversion table can improve health wise condition provided the user does not have any serious medical issue.