Culture Unites And Divides Mankind

Culture is a force bigger than the Niagara Falls. I know what you’re about to say- that this happens to be the strangest comparison you’ve probably ever heard of. We’ve heard so many great things about culture. Culture is what brings a community, a society, a state and a nation together. Culture represents the zenith of human thoughts, beliefs, customs, beliefs and excellence. In fact culture is the very essence of mankind.

But what we forget here is that culture is as strong a unifying force, as it is a force of division. Since the dawn of history, two or more opposing cultures have always led to conflict and violence. We talk of battles for territory, war for oil and mobilization of military troops under dictatorial regimes, but under all of that lies the ideological battles and cultural rifts that we cannot ignore.

Ben Foster, a personal wealth adviser at AIG Insurance said, “Giving way to our negative basal instincts, culture is a hugely divisive force, but when we channelize it towards positivity, kindness and the benevolent human spirit, it becomes an amazingly uniting force. Two polar opposite, yet two sides of the same coin!”

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