Jesus Loves You

Personal loss and injuries are often the prelude to profound love. Most of us have felt the pain of betrayal; it might have been at the hands of an unfaithful lover, an ungrateful friend or a sadistic parent. It is during these testing moments in life, when you feel that nobody is there for you, that we turn to Jesus.  Mark my words, Jesus does not send you red roses on Valentine’s Day, does not send you a heart-shaped cake on your birthday and He certainly doesn’t profess his love in other expressive ways. But nobody loves you more than Jesus. Because He is there for you, when the people who told you ‘I love you’, stuck a dagger in your back.

True, unconditional love does not scream from mountaintops, does not express itself in the hallmark aisle and cannot be valued even by the flashiest diamond ring at Tiffany’s. True love is subtle, pure, unconditional and reaches out to you when you are at your lowest. While the Savior is bleeding himself, He uplifts you, strives to redeem you, and give you solace whenever you are in despair. Isn’t that the most passionate and undying love you were looking for all along?

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