Why Do Religions Contradict Each Other?

If you’ve expressed some kind of interest in this article, I’m pretty sure that you would also be interested in the previous article, which deals with culture and how it can provide to be the supreme-most unifying force as well as the most devastating divisive force for mankind. There are many co-relations between religion and culture, primarily because the religious beliefs of a particular community get automatically embedded into their cultural beliefs, and thereby become an intrinsic part of the culture. Now when the matter of religions contradicting each other is concerned, I believe that it has a lot to do with the fact that spiritualism can never an objective field of study, where you can call a spade, a spade no matter what. The fact is that science and religion often contradict each other out in the open, but the issue of religions contrasting with each other is much more subtle. While some advocate the infallibility of a certain text, other speak about abstinence, and yet again, there are religions that even believe in self immolation as a means of redemption. The reason in my opinion is that all religions are a result of revelation of divine knowledge by a saint or messenger of God or peer or religious head. Now every spiritual experience and divine intervention is different from the other, and based on these varietal experiences, the different tenets of religion come up. While some have common beliefs, others contradict each other. So it all comes down to subjective spiritual glimpses, which can never fit in with objective reality which we strive for.

The fact that there are differences in the teachings of every religion is what gives each its own flavor. I am a Presbyterian minister but that does not mean I will wholeheartedly deny any other viewpoint that does not meet with those of my choosing. The one thing that is common no matter what religion you look at is – to treat every human being as a brother or sister in need and never harm an innocent no matter what you feel or think. Those who believe their religion gives them reasons to do so otherwise are zealots who misconstrue teachings or simply deranged psychopaths who need to be put behind bars before they spread their hatred among humanity.

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